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Bill... It's giving training on how to prepare for hurricane conditions, what to do if we're affected by the hurricane conditions, what are the serious aspects of hurricanes, why this year our hurricane forecast is higher than years before, basically all things dealing with hurricanes and how we can be ready for them if they come to our Texas coast like Harvey did.

Does that answer your question?
Thanks Bill.

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On Tue, Jun 29, 2021, 5:38 PM Bill Craft <billc851@...> wrote:

what exactly are they training to do for NWS office?


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Thank you



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Subject: [Special] [W5SC] Hurricane Training - FREE

Anyone interested in a hurricane training session please email John at k0rvb.tx@...
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Date: Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 8:32 AM
Subject: [District-12] National Weather Service Hurricane Training Online
Good morning everyone.
I'm still in the process of working with our NWS forecast office to put together a hurricane training session as they did for us a couple years ago. This would be online of course and cover a multitude of subjects dealing with hurricanes especially in light of the National Hurricane Center's forecast for above average named storms and hurricanes this year and since we've had an earlier than average start to the season, not only in the Atlantic but the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and disturbances coming of the coast of Africa.
Our NWS office can only put together this FREE presentation if we have enough participants to make it worth their while.
I have a list of you who have responded to the earlier email I sent out and thank you very much. However, if we don't get more participation, we can't expect our NWS forecast office, to take out all the time needed to make a special training session for only 12 people.
If you would be interested, please send me a personal email, to k0rvb@...
If you have already sent me an earlier email, it's not necessary to send again or reply to this one also.
Our NWS office needs a head count of possible attendees. There is no date set yet, as we are trying to get an idea of how many people will attend.
Thank you in advance.
John Ralston K0RVB
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