The North American QSO Party begins Saturday at Noon (local time)

davidftx <davidftx@...>

The SSB North American QSO Party (NAQP) is from 1800z January 20th
through 0600z January 21st. That's noon tomorrow through midnight
tomorrow night.

This is great contest for those who don't normally contest for a couple
of reasons. First, power is limited to 100 watts for all stations so
you are not competing with huge stations. Secondly it is a great way to
finish your Worked All States and it is entirely possible to work all 50
states in the 12 hours, or 10 hours for single operator stations.

The exchange is your state plus your name so my report would be TX David
or Tango Xray David. No serial numbers.

All the non WARC HF bands will be used and Novice and Technicians with
Code can use SSB between 28.3 MHz and 28.5MHz. There is also a QRP

This is a fun, short contest. See the rules here:

Email me at <> if you
have questions.



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