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Mike Check K5UCQ

So, I don't operate much. If I were to not renew my license, and at just before 2 years expired renew, $35? Or would I owe that plus $70? They are really trying to get blood out of a turnip....

-Mike Check


On Wed, Dec 30, 2020, 14:09 Bill Craft <billc851@...> wrote:
The FCC has adopted a decision in the matter of Amateur Radio licensing
fees — in a remarkably short time in comparison to other FCC NPRM

     The FCC, based on input from the ARRL and its Members, agreed to
lower the "Personal License Application Fee" that applies to Amateur
Radio licensees from $50 to $35. Unfortunately, it did not accept the
ARRL and its Members' argument that due to the services provided by
Amateur Radio that the fee should be $0.00.

     Go to https://tinyurl.com/y7mso3x4 for the FCC's complete Report &

John Robert Stratton
West Gulf Division Director

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