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Tom O'Brien


Thank you for setting up Paypal to handle membership dues.

I have my Credit Union scheduled to pay my dues by mailing a check, but this will be easier for everyone (e.g., Treasurer doesn't need to deposit my check when it arrives).

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From: Bill Craft
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Subject: [Special] [W5SC] Membership Renewals for 2021

The membership page on the website has been updated for 2021. Membership Renewals before January 15, 2021 get the discounted rate of $12.00. The new members rate is $15.00  and is prorated after April.

The membership application form has been updated for 2021 for those who prefer to mail in their dues. ( https://w5sc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/sarc-application-form-R2021-1-1.pdf )

Using the online payment is our preferred method of renewals or new memberships.https://w5sc.org/membership/ )

Bill Craft, KD2HIQ
Membership Committee  

Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas

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