Re: QRP Breakfast TOMORROW!

davidftx <davidftx@...>

Hi Monty:

I don't know what kind of turn out the QRPers had, but I hope that at
least some of them got together. I got up at 3:00am with the
lightning and was at the SwapFest before 6:00am to help set up.

Some Austinites did make it though and we were glad to see them. Of
course during the SwapFest we heard that they were shutting down
streets in Austin and about the tornado in San Marcos. No telling
where those guys are now, they may be camping out in Cabela's parking
lot in Buda.


--- In, Monty N5ESE <n5ese@...> wrote:

Well, I hope the San Antonio QRPers got together and had the QRP
Breakfast & Show-and-Tell. I doubt very seriously that any from
Austin made it down there. I started south on I-35 at 5 AM this
morning, and made it about 2 exits at 25 mph in the downpouring rain
(hydroplaning at 45 mph), and realized it was not just dumb, but
crazy to continue. So as much as I enjoy the QRP comraderie, we had
to blow it off entirely.

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