locked Re: Running cable through wall

Joe Bruno

Personally I've helped Greg, the hard line guy, put up his towers and install his coax, please read that as sewer pipe.  I could be wrong but one of his hard lines  is 2" I think.  If you want to see an antenna installation that is second to none, ask him if he wouldn't mind you looking at his.  Now let's put this into perspective; the sink in your kitchen probably has 2" pipes for the drain.  Then think of that same size being the size of your coax, hard line.   That is actually what the word "amazing" means...

Joe Bruno 

On Sun, Jul 5, 2020, 9:49 PM Lou Everett, Sr. <loueverettsr@...> wrote:
MFJ has window panels with everything you need.  You just need a window to mont it in.  I’ve used them for years.  Works great!  No damage to house what so ever.


On Sun, Jul 5, 2020 at 1:20 PM Bob Dole, not that old guy. <redawg@...> wrote:
I would appreciate any input on best way to run antenna cable from inside house to outside with minimal damage to house. 


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