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Lee Besing

When my wife, Pat AD5BR, got the ham bug, we decided to drill a big hole thru the side wall using a hole saw cutter the size of a dryer vent.

We then ran a piece of suitably sized PVC pipe thru the hole and sealed the edges of the hole. We put 45° curved connectors on the ends, facing downward.

After running ladder line for our HF loop (loop needs repairs now), rotor controller cable, and the normal high end coax for our 2m/440 antenna, we soaked large sponges with insecticide and stuffed them in the pipe to block unwanted critters and air flow.

This arrangement allowed us to make changes over the years, while being able to physically separate the various cables to reduce interference.

But it does have that permanent dryer vent size hole in the wall.

Lee Besing
San Antonio TX

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That depends on what your home is made of.  I just have fiber siding with standard sheetrock walls.  I just purchased a very long drill for drilling through walls and drilled a hole the exact size of the cable I wanted to pass through.  After passing the cable through I made a drip loop with the cable on the outside and sealed the hole with RTV.  I also used through wall cable feedthroughs that RadioShack carried.  I think I have seen them at altex before as well.  When I leave it is easy to patch the holes so there is no sign of the hole for future residence.




David Finell


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I would appreciate any input on best way to run antenna cable from inside house to outside with minimal damage to house. 

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