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Cray / K5MUG

Hello, Joe, good to hear from you.


Yes, it was a fun time.  I haven’t worked many contests/events for quite a while so I’m looking at the calendar for a few more targets. I have a few newly built lightweight antennas to tune and test for more ‘5w and a wire’ options.  Proof-tested a new small lightweight single lever Torsion Bar Paddle Portable key from W1SFR / Steve Roberts ( w1sfr.com ).  It performed very well without the base plate using poster putty to stabilize the key, another top-notch key from Steve.  It has also proven itself with honors as cootie key.

I think the months ahead will be filled with many changes and limitations for many things because of ‘Rona’, so I’m hoping to increase my chances of participation with alternative plans, options, and equipment.  Sometimes it’ll work, sometimes not.  Just have to hang in there!


Looking forward to open meetings and face to face activities,

Wishing you good health and the best of luck,


Qrp CW Rocks, 5w and a wire!

72, 73,

Cray / K5MUG


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Hmmm, sounds like you had a blast.   I didn't participate in field day this year.   Numerous reasons.   I'm going to get ready for it next year for sure, just in case we're still in lockdown mode.  Thanks for sharing your results.


Joe Bruno 



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