Re: San Antonio Hams Website Calendar Updated for 2007

Lee Besing

Nope, she didn't forget. It is the first item on the 2007 calendar and has
been for the past year.

What I didn't do, was to classify the Swapfest in my email message as being
a "MAJOR EVENT" that required lots and lots and lots of extra ham
help. The only reason I listed the other two events happening that weekend
was because of the more extreme conditions, and because extra help was
still needed. The remainder of the events all needed large numbers of hams.

By the way. anyone wanting to help with the Bandera 100K run, AFTER the
Swap-fest, is welcome to drive on out to the Hill Country State Natural
Area, just south of Bandera, Texas. The event will continue all night
long, until sunrise on Sunday AM, so I'm sure relief would be welcomed by
those operators who are taking care of that event from the start.

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused you.

At 10:16 PM 1/1/2007, wrote:

Hi Lee, did your extra wife forget to remind you about the Swapfest????
The date is January 13,2007, at Little Joe's Country Gold.
73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

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