San Antonio Hams Website Calendar Updated for 2007

Lee Besing

This is a non-repeating message sent as a reminder about events happening in 2007 for the San Antonio or Central Texas area. I apologize in advance to those who got this twice due to being subscribed to multiple yahoo groups - Lee N5NTG

I've just finished updating the San Antonio 2007 Calendar of Ham Radio Events thru December 2007 for web site. Most of you already know that I have been keeping a web site for hams updated since 2003. The web site currently has about 21 groups / clubs listed who use ham radio for communications, plus links to other related groups / agencies. It has the most current, up to the date list of all San Antonio area VE Test Sessions and Class Schedules available in our area.
* If your club / group has an event not listed, please contact me with the info and I'll add it/them to the list. If any event listed has incorrect information, contact me ASAP with corrections.
* If you know of any local / regional drills scheduled for ARES, Red Cross or REACT during 2007, be sure to add me to your email list to advise, if you want the event publicized of course.
* If you know of any swap-fests, etc. in Texas which are not listed, please advise
I have removed the 2006 calendar of events to save on loading speed, but the news page remains archived back thru the past year or two. I'll be splitting that off to an archive page later in my spare time, as one of the suggestions given to me by one of our area hams to do.

I've added a news story about the shelter we opened on Friday night, December 29th, in response to a FAA / San Antonio Airport Authority request to the City of San Antonio and Red Cross. Extremely fast response by Bexar County ARES hams with very short notice in the middle of the night to activate. See the news page for details.

There will be several major public service events in 2007 for the Central Texas Area that require more than the usual handful of hams to assist, especially those listed below for April, May, October, November and December.
* <>January 13-14 2007 - Bandera 100k Trail Run - Hill Country State Natural Area - 2 day / overnight. About 10 hams needed overnight. Event starts 7am Saturday, runs non-stop until Sunrise on Sunday.
* <>January 14 2007 - Big Bend 50k Run - Big Bend National Park - 3 day / overnight event due to extreme travel distance from San Antonio. 10 hours travel each way. Depart Saturday, event on Sunday, return on Monday. About 20 hams needed. Local ham club is helping and providing portable repeater equipment. Rugged, physically challenging events for the hams as well as runners, only for those who are in shape to handle it should volunteer.
* <>April 21-22 2007 - MS150 Houston - Austin Bike Tour - 2 day / overnight. About 200 hams needed both days.
* <>May 19-20 2007 - American Diabetes Bike Tour SA-Austin- 2 day NEW EVENT FOR HAMS - This group had been using commercial radios for last 5 years, so they are adding ham radio support this year for first time. About 60 hams needed both days.
* <>October 20-21 2007 - MS150 SA - Corpus Christi Bike Tour - 2 Day / overnight. About 60 hams needed both days.
* <>November 11 2007 San Antonio Marathon - 1 day. About 60 hams needed.
* <>December 09-23 2007 Austin Zilker Park Trail of Lights - 15 nights About 15 hams needed every night.
NEW WEB FEATURE PLANNED FOR 2007 - Free Classified Ads
I'm planning to add a new web site feature in 2007, that being FREE CLASSIFIED ADS ON-LINE for personal or club transactions, not commercial. I've been offered a free software package written in Cold Fusion, as long as it isn't used for commercial purposes. Once installed, you should be able to register (free) and then post or remove your own listings of equipment for sale /trade /wanted, etc. More details on web site when the ads are ready to rumble. There will never be a charge for this service as long as I'm the webmaster and owner of the site.

73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

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