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What happened to the SK links on saradioclub.groups.io.  I have been looking at the file lists but they have disappeared.  Maybe I accidently deleted them off my computer??  With my cough nothing would surprise me.




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The workday that we had on the 23rd of December was very productive.  A little of the inventory was added but what we did was isolate the items that will be taken to Radio Fiesta.  It looks like we will have items that can and will be used to assist in Ham Radio.  We are assigning individuals a list of items to do the research on prices on what we will be selling at the hamfest.  At this point in time, we already have a bid on one of our items.  Hopefully, we will get our feet wet on what is being looked for in our little hobby, aka “The Money Pit”.


On the off chance that there are hams that are not aware of the Radio Fiesta Hamfest that is put on by The San Antonio Radio Club, please let any ham that you might know of about this wonderful event that we put on every year.  The more individuals that attend, the better the event it will be, and it will add to the success of one of the events that we put on.  Please pass it on that it will be more than one day.  We will also be having a better selection of door prizes.  I believe Mr. Guzman has acquired better door prizes along with a better grand prize.  Don’t say anything to him it will just go to his head!


As an internal message to our group: hopefully, it will be more than likely one of our most profitable events of the season.  And to those members who have a desire to look for certain tubes or anything else we might have, please make us aware of that particular item that you are looking for.  This might be a little premature but the sooner we get that list we can add those items to another list to be on the lookout for.  I myself would like us to be doing things for the members of our club rather than just trying to be a profit machine.  Within reason of course.  FYI:  I myself have been on the bad end of a club who did NOT look out for its members.  Please make note that our clubs members come first before anything else.  Again, within reason!


I hope everyone has a great Xmas and has the best New Year ever!  Col. Harold has been given the green light to purchase the radio of his dreams…


Joe Bruno




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