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Shane O'Neal NS5D <shane@...>

Hello everyone. Thanks for the enormous response.

We stood down at 5am this morning. We will not need any more operators for this activation.

Just to recap, the City was expecting a lot more people (thousands) than we actually got (35). There was talk of planes being diverted here from other cities, but that turned out not to be the case, and the only folks we ended up sheltering were the ones stuck in the San Antonio airport. All the hotels were booked because of the Alamo Bowl/New Year's.

The City initially planned to open three shelters, and sent a contingent of 12 firefighters and 4 police to the first shelter at McArthur. After the initial confusion was cleared up, they turned the operation over to the Red Cross shelter manager and all but 2 police left.

Most of the people at the shelter had been stuck in the airport for more than 24 hours, and they were tired, cold and hungry. They were overwhelmed at the attention that was paid to them at the shelter, and were very grateful to have a warm cot and a warm meal. Most of them went back to the airport at 5am, and there were only 4 left at the shelter who had flights in the afternoon and were going to catch the 10am bus.

Thanks again for being willing to help. Charlie's paging system worked well, and Teri did a great job of coordinating relief operators.

Shane NS5D

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Red Cross has opened shelters in San Antonio and has requested Ham Radio
Support. Shane, NS5D, already on scene of first shelter. Terri KC5BJI
calling to line up hams to work shifts. Charlie KC5NKK has sent pager
notices to those who have cell phones or pagers advising to listen in on
the 147.18 repeater for further instructions.

This is NOT a drill, this one's real folks!

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73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
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