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At this point in time I have not made any decisions on the tubes or what is going to happen to ANYTHING yet.   All of this will be determined at a later date and time.   This is one of the reasons that we didn't want the inventory put out to anyone in the first place.  All that does is generate questions that at this point in time have no answers.  For those of you who just don't know, I myself started working on tube type equipment back in the 60's.   So yes I cut my teeth on tube type equipment.   I'm not immune to the value of what we have and sure don't want it given or thrown away.   

Please, either help or give us time to get this done...  our common goal is to do what is best for the SARC.

Joe Bruno 

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Have instructions been distributed on how/where/when the suggested value/pricing could/should be implemented?  The new web site has at least two spread sheets with inventory data listed.


I will try hard to make the workday for a couple of hours.




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This coming up Monday the 23rd of December at 10:00 we will be having another workday, inventory day, to add to our ever-growing items that were donated here recently.  Today we identified some areas that can be streamlined to further assist in this process.  We were hoping that some of the other members of the club would step up to the plate and help with the inputting of the data, obviously not.  We will be moving on though in light of this.


Harold has graciously printed out more of the labels we have been using.  This will assist in adding the next batch of items to our inventory.  This inventory has also brought to our attention the need to make sure that, Tubes, if you will, do not fall into the category of trash and end up in the dump.  Some of these items have shown to be very very valuable to the Ham Radio community as well as antique radio collecting/restoring.  The funds generated from this little expedition will pay for at least one radio I think.  That makes it worth it in my book!  One of our biggest goals was to restore the donors’ faith in Ham Radio, from what I have been led to believe we did accomplish this.


Radio Fiesta is coming up, and this Monday we will also try to determine what will and what will not be taken to radio fiesta.  This onslaught of tubes has made us take note of the value of these items and what we should do with them to keep the “good ones” in circulation.  Even the bad ones could be inserted into a non-working radio set to just show what was once used to make long distant communications possible.  I guess all they have to do is glow!  At this point in time, I think it would be in our best interest to solicit these tubes to the on-line tube re-sellers to get us more bang for our buck and keep our involvement to a bare minimum.  But an inventory needs to be done to determine what we do have.  Some of the items that we are putting into the system need to be either trashed or recycled.  Most of this should be on a case by case basis to be determined at the time of picking it up and inspecting it.  For all practical purposes once an item is handled a dispensation should be made as to what happens to it.  Handling items numerous times is basically bordering on insanity!  We need to get a little better at this.


Any and all who wish to join us this coming up Monday please feel free to do so…



Joe Bruno



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