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Joe Bruno

SK Donation


It has been brought to my attention that some individuals would like to know what is happening with the items that were recently picked up that were part of a donation to SARC.  At this point in time we are not letting this information out for numerous reasons, one of which is we do not know what we have or what we are going to do with some of these items, and of course how much they might be sold for if at all.  Every bit of this takes time from the individuals doing the work, it is for this reason that we do not want any of this to be made available as of yet.  Right now we don’t know what we have, so please bear with us! 


FYI:  Harold has decided that we need a set of guidelines for this SK Committee, and I agree.  He has also graciously decided to pen this guideline.  This document will make sure that not only does the SK Committee have rules for what we as a committee accomplish, but this will protect any and all aspects of what we will be doing.  One of the things we are trying to do is make sure what we do will be above board.  We do not want to hide or do anything that would be considered as bad practice.  If anything is done that could be misconstrued as dishonest, I myself would be very very disappointed.  Things like that, dishonest practices, do nothing but put a taint on our club.  I for one do not want to see that happen.


For those of you that just HAVE to know, we would appreciate your assistance in doing the inventory.  Please text me at the number right below my call sign and you will be added to our workday call-out list. 


We will be doing another work day sometime early next week, the week beginning December 9th.  If anyone would like to help it will be done at the storage site.  Location:


Crazy Lady Used Books

10660 FM 78

Schertz, Tx 78154              (The actual address is Cibolo Texas 78108, but that is nowhere near the site.  Use the Schertz address and you’ll get there.  If you use the real address (Cibolo) please make note of my phone number so I can give you directions when you get lost in Cibolo.  Remember that the post office  is an independent agency that is still part of the Federal Government, so that could explain the discrepancy between reality and fiction.)


And for those of you that were part of the pick-up crew, please remember if you have any interest in any of the items it that we picked up, it would be nice to have that information.  At this point in time, all I have is that I myself have shown an interest in some of those items.


Joe Bruno




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