locked Antenna & tower for sale- Silent Key Item

Bill Craft

Harold WB4TOV. His son KD0FOG became a silent key today. That's why tower is for sale.
They are reaching out to the San Antonio ham community to see if anyone has interest.

Here is a pic of the tower. The package includes a Yaesu rotor, a13 element 2 meter beam, a hex beam, coax and control cables. The tower is motorized for raising but has a manual mechanism for tipping it over. Its 22 feet nested and 55 feet extended. 
Location: Colorado Springs so shipping would cost a bundle. I suspect it would be much cheaper to go up there in a rental truck or with a big trailer and get it
We are thinking about 4k for pricing.  New, the tower, motor and tip over bracket are about 10k   The beams and rotor and cable are just an extra benefit 

Contact  Howard Benham <howardbnhm@...> for more information.

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