Locked Re: BikeMS help still needed October 5th-6th

Lee Besing

My smart wifey pointed out that I had failed to include the dates in this email.

The linked post at Sanantoniohams.org/blog did have the dates shown, but I should have included that info in my original email as well.

Lee Besing, N5NTG
San Antonio TX

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Subject: BikeMS help still needed

We are still looking for at least 2 more SAG drivers. These drivers would be in pickup trucks, rather than vans, and focusing more on the MS riders who will be in trikes or tandem recumbent bikes as priority.

These vehicles are dual cab pickups. We rent them from Enterprise at the location just south of New Braunfels on IH-35 @ Solms Road. Fuel is paid for using provided gas cards.

If you have already volunteered , thank you. If you know of any other hams who might be interested,  please share.

See posted article on www.Sanantoniohams.org/blog for more details and the online volunteer signup link.

Lee Besing, N5NTG
San Antonio TX

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