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Rosendo Guzman, N5YBG, President, San Antonio Radio Club (SARC) has appointed me (Joe Bruno W5AUQ) Chairperson of the Nominating Committee. (This is prima facie evidence that members will step up and help when asked, but then Rosendo has done things for me and helped me a bunch so I kind of owe him.) I have the following candidates so far:



Rosendo Guzman, N5YBG (standing for re-election)

Need more nominees


Vice President

Lloyd Swartz, KF5ZHW

Need more nominees



Gianna B Fang-Guzman (acting – pending a license)

Need more nominees



Jeff Boyes, ND8B (standing for re-election)

Need more nominees


Director through 2014

Joe Bruno, W5AUQ

Bill Craft, KD2HIQ

Need more nominees


I have talked to most appointed officers and committee chairpersons and they have agreed to continue on into 2020. That said, I want to emphasize several points:


• I would like more than one candidate for each office.


• I have a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws so I can review the duties of each office with anyone interested in a particular one.


• This is not a lone Ranger, singular exercise. Members will usually help an officer or committee chair when requested.


The Newsletter Editor position is an appointed one, but it is also available. Someone has expressed interest in it, but officially it is available. The acting Exalted Supreme Editor-In-Chief (Harold Fleischer, AE5AS) has done it for a long time now and will keep doing it until someone is identified, appointed by Rosendo N5YBG, and transitioned into the job.


My contact information is at the bottom of this email. The goal is a final slate by October’s meeting. The election is at November’s meeting.


Many hands make the work of leading and administering SARC easier for all, so please take the opportunity to assist.  We need more nominees to help with the day to day operations of the club.  If you want to try and are just not sure you will be good at it, you will only find out if you do try.  Remember, assistance is only a few words away for any position, be it a chairperson or an elected office.  This cannot be stressed enough to help alleviate the concerns about taking on a responsibility, so please consider it a privilege to help when called upon.





On a side note; I’ve been told that I’m way ahead of the game as far as the nominations are concerned.  I do not like to procrastinate and I would rather be ahead of the game than behind it.  I’ve been in both positions and prefer this to the other…



Joe Bruno



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