Re: FCC Eliminates Morse Code Requirements for All Amateur Radio Lice

davidftx <davidftx@...>

Speaking of archaic, phones and amateur radio did work together starting
in the 1950's and some HF stations still have them today. The device
used to couple the phone to the radio was a Phone Patch. See one here:

These were a big deal, particularly during the Viet Nam War when US
Amateur Radio stations, with phone patches, were the about the only way
to talk to home from many places in Viet Nam.

But things have changed with the proliferation of satellites, cellular
telephones, and the Internet. When my son was in Kuwait during the Iraq
invasion, his mother would call him on his cellular telephone, while he
was patrolling the Arabian Sea, to ask him why he hadn't answered her

Now I've gotten waaay off topic and will let it go.


I have never seen a

radio and
phone used together so this concept confuses me.

In His service,
Schuylar Crist
73 de KE5VIP

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