Locked Nominating of Officers

Joe Bruno

At this point in time, we have only the president, treasurer, secretary (I
think) who will stay on in their positions. The committee chairs are not
elected but I think they are all on board continuing their duties. David
Finnel N7LRY, Paul Guido N5IUT, Bill Craft KD2HIQ and I will continue our
duties. It should be noted that Bill Craft does the membership AND is our
Webmaster. It should also be noted the Paul Guido will not only be keeping
an eye on our books, but he also is responsible for reporting our Field Day
results to ARRL. Harold Fleischer, AE5AS does the newsletter and is also
responsible for keeping us on an even keel. I myself appreciate everything
he ( the Colonel ) does for our club. Now David Finnel N7LRY has the task
of getting us more HAMs. An ardent task at best. There are other
individuals behind the scenes that carry a load not to be overlooked, so a
big thanks to them also. We have a select group of individuals that fill
what started out to be part of the 80/20, then the 90/10 and has now turned
into STP, Same Ten People. It should be noted that those Same Ten People
could really use some help. Please join in on the fun and become an elected
official for one of the finest HAM Radio clubs in the city, county, state,
hell the whole world!

Now the vice president position is open. Gary (Mike) Harrison, KB5KST
stepped up and did a marvelous job as our Vice President when it was needed.
A big thanks to him and it should be known that he has big shoes to fill. I
just hope that doesn't scare anyone off. As a club, we should all thank him
for doing the wonderful job that he did.

The duties of the Vice President are just about the same as any VP. He or
She would be responsible to take over in the event the President is absent.
The big difference is that they are responsible for getting us our speakers.
If required to make the meeting room prepared and then presentable at the
end to keep us in good standing with the location manager. And at one point
in time our meeting locations. That duty appears to be solved. We are
getting close to the end of our time to fill this position., and we need a
volunteer to help. Please, Please stand up and be counted. If nothing
else we might need to seek an individual to do this. I'm hoping that will
not be necessary and someone will volunteer to run. I'm not out of line
when I say that being an officer in this club is just like getting your
license, there is no age requirement just a willingness to serve.

FYI: I have already been working on field day for 2020. I learned this
while helping to set up and tear down for the San Antonio Stock Show and
Rodeo, again as a volunteer and I did this for years. We started to get
ready every year around December. After doing it this way for two years I
told them what we really need to do is put the rodeo to bed. Wait a couple
of months and then start planning the next one. That way we would have our
planning and any construction done by February in time for the Rodeo. That
turned out much better for all concerned. It appears we need to move our
nominating process back a little.

Joe Bruno



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