Re: FCC Eliminates Morse Code Requirements for All Amateur Radio Lice

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I'm sorry Schuylar. My fault. Yes, "Phone" is archaic for voice. SSB
on HF or sometimes AM. But SSB is what we are talking about here. It
has nothing to do with a telephone and I guess came from the word
microphone. Voice is a better choice and does not include FM on HF
except in from 29.6 MHz to 29.7 MHz on 10 Meters. FM is otherwise not
allowed on HF.

See the current Band Allocations here:
This is worth printing out. Remember that references to "Tech+" will
cover all Technicians after the new rules take effect.


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Thanks! Now, is SSB phone...the same as voice? I have never seen a
radio and
phone used together so this concept confuses me.

In His service,
Schuylar Crist
73 de KE5VIP

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