locked Ham Estate sale- June 29th

Joe Bruno

I have made a request to purchase what has been left over from the sale.
Have not heard back from them yet, but I might hear back from them tomorrow,
July the 1st.

They have to be out of the house by Wednesday the 3rd. Time was not set
up very well, but when is it ever!

The Silent Key was very active in 2 meters I believe. Lloyd mentioned that
it might be an opportunity for the club to make some extra money for this
coming up Radio Fiesta. I guess what I am asking is would anyone be willing
to help load up what is left to move it to the storage facility so that we
would be killing as many stones as possible, helping a SK and possibly
making some extra money for the club. I myself have my eyes on some of the
test equipment and maybe a few other items.

On a side note Rosendo said it’s kind of like Field Day, all work and no
play! I also made a few contacts with some of the “Bad Guys” on the south
side. They would be willing to take on the task of working us over aka
beating the stuffing out of us, but there were a few concerns: A; How many
of us would there be? B; Where would this be done? C; Would other clubs
be interested? D; Cash up front, of course. There was a concern that
since there are so many Field Day activities here in San Antonio that they
suggested that they outsource this to someone out of this area so an extra
fuel charge would be added. Of course we would be getting a group rate to
help offset the added fuel charge. Any thoughts on this?

Back to the silent key, any help on this?

Joe Bruno



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