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Harold Fleischer

Dear Cray K5MUG,


It will be hot so being close to home may be a good move.


I will be on phone, probably 20M, so I am not likely to contact you if you are on CW.


You should come by at 6 pm for the BBQ supper.






Harold C. Fleischer, III





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Hello All,


I’ll be operating FD this weekend as K5MUG, Class 1e, Section STX, from my patio at home, I plan most of Saturday and Sunday (or as long as I can hold out).  I’ll be concentrating on 40m/20m with solar power to my Elecraft Kx3 at Qrp/5w CW into a N/S oriented dipole on a push-up pole at 31 feet.  Based on practice runs last week and so far this week with 5w and my home antenna (dipole at 40ft) it’ll be a challenge but I’m looking forward to making it happen and just counting up when it’s over, fun times!


Good luck and 73,


Cray Lester / K5MUG

1E, South TeXas

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