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Larry Lentz

I've had my call sign plate since the 70s, but only for my car. My wife is not a ham. If she was, she'd have here own call sign plates. Haven't had any problems, ever 😎

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Also, I have my wife's call on 2 vehicles. They both have TXTag stickers for the toll roads. It appears that their system only allows one vehicle with the one tag, as I always receive a "special" email that something is wrong when I drive the Toyota.

Mike Check

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Just be aware that even though you can have multiple vehicles with the same radio operator plate, it can cause minor difficulties for you.

Based on my experiences...

Law enforcement officials may not notice that you have more than one with same plate. That may result in a traffic stop, mostly in smaller towns, thinking your plates were stolen. (Only happened to me twice in the past 30 years, but still, it happened. )

Annual Renewal notices may not happen. You may need to visit a county tax / license branch in person to renew.

I've got 2 vehicles with my call sign plates. When I added the 2nd vehicle in January 2017, the state quit sending me renewal notices by mail for either vehicle.

When I was involved in a minor accident 2 months ago, SAPD officer said my plates were showing up as not valid, even though I had just renewed them the week before.  I still need to visit tgr Bexar County Tax Assessor ofc to see what the story is about that.

And finally, you are somewhat surrendering your privacy because Amateur Radio Callsigns are public information and can be researched via Google online, etc.. Fortunately most non-hams do not know this. Hehe.

Lee Besing
San Antonio TX

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