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Larry Lentz

I've been playing around with it a little over the last few months. Definitely cuts down on rig cost... And HOA antenna restrictions aren't a problem. But there's nothing like the real thing.

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By San Antonio Radio Club - SARC

Don't have a radio? Here is a fix.

This system is based on two networks; HamSphere 3.0 and HamSphere 4.0. It allows licensed Ham Radio operators as well as unlicensed radio enthusiasts to communicate with each other. Both systems consist of 15 simulated shortwave bands and communication is done using client/server base. The product encourages unlicensed enthusiasts to get their own license. There is a significant difference between the two networks where the more advanced HamSphere 4.0 is a modular system where the operators design their own transceivers and communicate using NEC designed antennas (Numerical Electromagnetics Code) and realistic shortwave propagation. The 3.0 platform is targeting mostly beginners. HamSphere is subscriber funded and offers a 30 day trial. The subscription can be either 3 months or 1 year, recurring or non-recurring and costs less than 10 cents per day. For more info on HamSphere subscriptions, click here! https://www.hamsphere.com/subscribe.php

HamSphere 4.0 also comes as an Android version as seen on the left based on the same modular plug-in design. It is using the same network, but with a different set of antennas and functionality.

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