APRS Presentation at the December 14th San Antonio Radio Club Meeting

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APRS: Automatic Position Reporting System
Presented by Jim Mastrogiovanni, KK5RZ

San Antonio Radio Club
December 14, 2006

Jim, KK5RZ, will give a presentation on APRS at the December SARC
meeting. APRS uses amateur radio to transmit position reports,
weather reports, and messages between users.

Links I previously gave were not for APRS. To see APRS locations
near you in the last 24 hours, go here and type your zip code in the
search box: http://db.aprsworld.net/datamart/near-search.php

Go here for an overview of APRS by the creator of the system:

Jim will give a functional presentation on how APRS is used in South
Texas and how you can get started in APRS.

Also at the December SARC Meeting:
Buy your EarlyBird tickets for SwapFest.
Pay your 2007 dues at the reduced rate of $12/year. This will be
the last meeting before the reduced rate expires.

See you Thursday, December 14th, 7:30 PM at KCOMM, 10815 Gulfdale.

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