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I know some churches have no evening services...but have large youth groups who might be interested. It would be a good way for them to learn about the community service aspect of our work. Perhaps we could use a gymnasium of one of the large local churches or something...Just a thought.

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Subject: [W5SC] Kids Day is Sunday, January 7th from Noon until 6:00pm
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 22:32:41 -0000

Pat Knight, AD5BR, writes that, "Kids' Day is Sunday, January 7, from
noon until 6 PM our time (1800 - 2400 Zulu). I wish we could come up
with a site to get some kids on
the air." And she's right.

Does anyone have an idea where we could set up a station for these six
hours (or less if necessary) on a Sunday where we would have access to
kids? The idea is that you get the kids to talk to other kids on the
air. Or maybe someone has a group of young people that would want us to
set up for a shorter period of time. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Information about Kids Day may be found at:

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