A New Experience

J C Smith

Recently I was contacted by a prospective customer. I gather he is a retired owner of a very successful construction business and his wife is an executive with USAA. He needed a dog walker and was told to contact us by the "Head" dog walked in this area. She lives near the I-35 and SR 1604 area and wasn't willing to travel to The Dominion. We set up a meeting day and time. He ask for my name and address as it appeared on my drivers license. He had to contact their security department and authorize my entry to the community.

If you are not familiar with the San Antonio area, the "old money" and moderately wealthy folks live in the Heights area not far from Ft Sam. The extremely wealthy, including most of the Spurs, live in The Dominion.

Cathy was off that day so she came along to make sure I behaved in such a high class neighborhood. About 30 minutes before the appointment time I drove up to the gate identified myself and showed the guard (a Major) my drivers license. He verified I was on the list but told me I couldn't enter. I did a double take and ask if he didn't acknowledge I was on the approved entry list. He said yes, but I couldn't enter. Now I'm perplexed (well beyond confused). My question was WHY. He said the main entrance is for residents and guest only, I had to go to the contractor/service providers gate on the back side of the complex. He gave me directions and I headed to the back gate.

As I drove to the back gate Cathy said she couldn't remember and ask me to clarify what the guard said...did he say I was to enter the service gate or servants gate.

Yes, we have a new customer in The Dominion and will make one to three visits each week. I'm hoping they tip well at Christmas!

If you didn't know I (we) started a new business last year, our web site is k9nannies.com. Cathy is the head Nannie, I'm the chief poop scupper.

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