Kenwood TS-570S for Sale.


Kenwood TS-570S for Sale: $500.    160 thru 10m, 5-100 watts, noise reduction, preset auto antenna tuner and electronic keyer, and 10 Hz tuning are built in. The menu system offers 46 types of functions for Technician thru Extra. Full and semi break-in, dedicated packet port and 57600 bps PC control. Keypad entry, 100 memories, IF shift, large LCD, Scanning and CW Auto Tune round out the many features of this transceiver. The original MC-43S hand mic is included. Original power cord with 1/4 inch rings as well as an extra power cord with PowerPole connectors and the manual in PDF form is included on a CD. I have the original paper manual but have to find it.
This radio was the CW station used at the 2014 and 2015 SARC Field Days, and will be available at the SARC Club meeting at Rudy's BBQ at 327 E. Nakoma at 7PM tomorrow,Thursday March 9th. See you there.

Cray Lester / K5MUG

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