Re: I need your help tomorrow, Saturday, Oct 1st! San Antonio & Seguin area - Lee N5NTG

Charles Land

Have you confirmed with Austin that he is not available?  I was about to call him.


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Please help spread the word!

We just had another ham SAG Driver drop out for this weekend's BikeMS Valero Ride to the River bicycle event, due to his employer forgetting to change his work schedule. He's pissed, but not willing to lose his job over it.

But even more importantly, the ham who was to handle the lunch rest stop in Seguin, at Texas Lutheran University, came down with strep throat and selfishly refuses to share it with the riders and  volunteers!  How dare he be so selfish? Haha.

We were already short on hans to cover a couple of rest stops for Saturday, so we don't have any extra hams to split up and reassign. Sunday's assignments are covered.

No background checks or DMV checks needed for rest stop hams, just a simple volunteer waiver needs filled out for this event. SAG drivers have undergone both checks, the volunteer waiver, plus an online driver safety course, so its too late to add another driver unless they worked last April during the BPMS150.

If you can help me fill the lunch stop assignment (9:30am til around 2pm), or one of the other open rest stops,  please call or text me directly.  We'll be using 2 meter repeaters for the event.


Lee Besing , N5NTG
210-771-7075 cellphone
San Antonio, TX

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