Rest stop hams needed on October 1st for BikeMS ride, SA to Seguin, to New Braunfels

Lee Besing

Just got the word that we are still short of covering three rest stops for the bike Ms Valero ride to the river on October 1st. We thought we had it covered, but there were some cancellations. We have the rest stops covered for the Sunday routes, but it's the Saturday route that we need help with.

While some of the stops are close enough to hit the repeater with a HT, most of them will require a mobile antenna and Mobile Radio.

If you have never done one of these rest stop assignments before, bringing a pop-up tent, small folding table & chair will help you be more comfortable.

Obviously, you could just operate out of your vehicle as well.  Some hams bring a marine deep cycle battery to power their mobile radio outside their vehicle, while others often just run a longer red/black power cord from their vehicle.   Using your HT to listen and returning to your car to answer is also another way.

The primary net will be on 2 meters, with the SAGs and Motorcycle Safety Marshals also running on 446.175 simplex (for local coordination off net).

If you want to help out, please contact me direct, off this list, for more info.

There is a PDF doc linked to the front page of that is called "The Illustrated Bike Tour Survival Guide for Hams" available for free download if you are curious about how these events are typically operated.


Lee Besing , N5NTG
San Antonio, TX

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