Re: New to group

Lee Besing

Welcome to San Antonio, even if you have been here a year already. :)

If you haven't already found this web site, please check out for information about the San Antonio Amateur Radio
community. If you ever need anything to do in your "spare" time, we've
got lots of activities happening year around where Hams are needed to
assist. Those volunteer opportunities are always listed and updated at
that web site first.

I'm sure you found this club's web site already, or Other club/groups in the area, include (SARO), (ROOST),
(AARO), (REACT) and (ARES).

At 09:06 AM 11/24/2006, N6INM wrote:
Hi All,

Just wanted to take this opportunity as being new to the group to
introduce myself. I am Glenn N6INM/5 and live here in San Antonio.
Been here for about a year and stationed at Ft Sam Houston in the US

Look forward to meeting all of you soon.

In the meantime here is my webpage link which tells you all about me and
who I am and of course my family and who they are....


I am OK on

73's Glenn N6INM/5
73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

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