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Mike Check K5UCQ

I did mine by the keyboard, but it's very time consuming. If no one else can help  him I can see what I can do. Have him contact me email or 2103655785

-Mike Check


On Feb 12, 2016 08:43, "'Gary H. Harmon, Jr.' gharmon@... [W5SC]" <W5SC@...> wrote:

Can anyone help Mark?


Gary H. Harmon, Jr. - K5JWK - HAM Radio and ATARI Archaeologist

6003 Archwood

San Antonio, TX 78239-1504

210.657.1549 h / 210.884.6926 c/t

210.657.1549 fax with prior notification



"Too many projects - Not enough time!"

"Retirement = Every day is a Saturday except Sunday"


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Subject: WANTED - HAM / Amateur Radio / Electronics



I live in NE San Antonio and am trying to find someone to program a Baofeng UV-5R. Do you know of anyone? Thank You!


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